28th May 2020
Update from CTT Board

17th April 2020
Covid-19 pandemic has forced a suspension of all CTT activities until 1st July 2020.
To avoid duplication (and possible confusion) CTT news items will not be published here.
Users are directed to CTT website/news  for the most up to date information.

9th October 2019
List of applications for 2020 to be agreed at the date fixing meeting, Thursday 10 October. AGM list-download

5th October 2019
List of documents relating to 2019 LNDC AGM on Thursday 10th October.

Document Link
Calling notice Notice
Agenda Agenda
2018 AGM minutes 2018 AGM
2018 SGM minutes 2018 SGM
Annual report Report
Financial statement A Finance A
Financial statement B Finance B
Notice of National AGM National

1st October 2019
email sent to all LNDC Clubs Secretaries and Event Organisers, including a link to this page.

Requests for corrections/amendments to 2020 events applications must be received by end of day Friday 4th October.
District AGM and date fixing meeting is on Thursday 10th October as previously advised.

28th July 2019
Applications to run Open Events in 2020 are invited, emails sent to all Club Secretaries and 2019 Organisers.
Invitation Letter is here Letter_2020
Application Form as a doc Application form
Application Form as a pdf Application form
List of LNDC 2019 events 2019 events
Major CTT events in 2020 Major events

28th June 2019
Millennium 2019 is concluded; table here:- 2019 Millennium

The signing on sheet for club events has been amended to include a commitment that the course RA conditions are met.
The new form is available at CTT website and MUST be used for all club events. Signing On Sheet – Club Events,

Reminder to event promoters on F1 courses.
ALL riders MUST be clear of the A1 south of Black Cat by 10:15.

There are no TT courses using A1 NORTH of Black Cat due to changes to the RAB, including traffic lights.

2020 LEVIES.
Type A events (Opens) = £4. Type B events (club) = £3.
Classic Series = £10. National Championships = £15.

LNDC Millennium Series = 50p